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As Christians, new and old, we all need to know Jesus and his teachings in order to serve Him better.  One way to accomplish this is by studying his Word.  The Christian Education Committee strives to provide our congregation with opportunities to study the Word of God together through Sunday school classes and small study groups that meet at different times during the year.  These allow us to grow in discipleship and fellowship.

BASIC (Brothers And Sisters In Christ) Bible Study

Current Series: “The Lord's Prayer"

The Meaning and Power of the Prayer Jesus Taught

Sundays, 10:00AM in Room 8, May 1st Through June 5th

Most Christians know the Lord’s Prayer by heart. We pray it often, at different times and in different settings. We remember it as the prayer that Jesus taught his disciples. But do we really understand and appreciate the meaning and power of its words, what we ask of God each time we pray it?

Loyal Bible Class

 9:45 in the Choir Room - The Loyal Bible Adult Class, teachers rotate 

The International Lesson Series: Uniform Series in a 6-year plan for read-ing and studying the Bible. The International Uniform Series believes the Bible is the record of God in Christ, the key resource for understanding the Christian faith, being under the Lordship of Jesus Christ and the fellowship of His Spirit. This Winter quarter is concentrated on the theme “Justice, Law, History” and study Scripture passages from Genesis, Exodus, Deuteronomy, 2 Samuel, Ezra, Job, Isaiah, Nahum.